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“You have permission to call me anything you want–except sir…Lord of lords, your demigodness, that’ll do..” -Bono There was a time in my life when Bono was a topic I worked into conversations on a daily basis. Nobody in the public eye is more interesting than U2’s lead singer. Rockstar? Philanthropist? […]

BONO- the rockstar, the philanthropist, the douchebag(?)

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My current Newsfeed is being blown up by young mothers telling their online world which is right, asking others what is wrong, then outlets, like Huffington Post fill any gaps via Blogs, disguised as news…. Apparently, I’m now at an age where peers find it offensive to imply there is […]

#tbt- Weird Kids & Young Mothers

Google is Funny
Today I was doing a bit of keyword research when I came across the Fabulously Awkward Girl daily stats….What, might you ask, is the most frequently search engine term that lead people to this site? Why, “BIG BLACK MONSTER BOOTY,” of course!  Mind you, only 3 total search terms have […]

wtf Wednesday- what kind of blog is this?

I rescued a one-eyed cat & took yet another big step toward becoming twenty-something spinster. A little background- my new cat not only lost an eye sometime between April-ish and when I found him. Animal Rescue or the Rockies found him after he had been living the dumpster-kitty life for […]

Say Hello to EDGAR “sauron” DEGAS   Recently updated !

If you look closely you can see that every inch of me is soaking wet with sweat, toxins, and who knows what else...
Yoga is a practice that demands all of your grace, balance, and coordination work together as one glorious machine. HA! I’m not trying to be cute. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence can get away with falling at the Oscars while still being adorable- duh! I cannot. Anyone who has spent more than […]

Hot Yoga = Hot Mess

Josh Hartnett (Right) and My Brother (Left)
It’s Monday, I’m feeling lazy, and you’re probably bored at work. So, I want to keep it simple and just show you an image… The picture below compares Josh Hartnett‘s character, Ethan Chandler, from Penny Dreadful with a recent photograph of my younger brother. Weird, right? Anyone else out there […]

My Little Brother is a Doppelgänger